Capita Asset Management

NEMACapita is a family of funds with over $600M in AUM investing across a range of alternative strategies currently ranging from farmland, SME Buyout, energy and private debt. Capita’s preferred investment criteria are value, low volatility, and favorable underlying supply/demand situations. Capita tends to view demand in-elasticity as a compelling market characteristic when screening investments. Capita seeks a “margin of safety” which in its case takes the form of discounted asset prices or the ability to acquire cash flow inexpensively. Capita eschews financial engineering as a primary source of alpha and has a philosophical aversion to the use of financial leverage as a primary return driver. Capita seeks absolute return strategies with run rate cash distributions combined with equity optionality. However, discounts by themselves are not sufficient and Capita takes considerable time and effort to identity the macro and micro drivers its believe will generate repricing within our investment horizon.



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