Centurion Asset Management Inc.

NEMACenturion Asset Management Inc. (“Centurion”) is a Toronto based asset manager specializing in real estate and other alternative asset classes. It was founded by Greg Romundt in 2003 and currently manages in excess of $1.2 billion in three primary funds; Centurion Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (“CREIT”), Centurion Real Estate Opportunities (“CREOT”) and Centurion Financial Trust (“CFIT”). CREIT focuses on long hold apartment investments. CREOT focuses on mortgages and opportunistic real estate investments. CFIT is a diversified private debt fund which invests in both real estate backed loans and corporate loans.

As an asset manager, Centurions’ goals are to provide attractive alternative investment solutions to its clients featuring a combination of:

  • Low volatility
  • Reasonable, risk adjusted returns
  • Regular cash flow
  • Diversification away from traditional investments and
  • Tax efficiencies where possible


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