NEMAIFSE is the educational arm of The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) and a leader in online learning delivery. We are dedicated to helping Canadians improve their financial literacy by providing best-in-class financial education and support for individuals, firms and academic institutions.

As a not-for-profit organization, we offer a competitively priced lineup of industry courses. By making our training affordable, we ensure that financial education is widely accessible Individual students choose our courses to begin or advance their career in the financial services industry. IFSE also helps advisors enhance their financial expertise with a range of proficiency courses that lead advisors to attain accreditation in targeted areas. We are proud of the role we take in helping advisors build a stronger financial future for their clients. In addition, we provide guidance to industry professionals, especially as it relates to the complex regulatory landscape, so they can pursue the appropriate registration and receive timely, relevant training. Last but not least, we partner with financial services companies to understand their learning and training needs, creating custom content so their employees gain the critical knowledge and skills required to better serve their clients.

Our exempt marker proficiency (EMP) course introduces students to the world of private placements. The course has been developed to ensure that those individuals operating in the exempt market have the necessary knowledge to advise clients on investment products offered by private placement. Students learn about how the private markets function, the product features of specific exempt products, and the regulatory and suitability obligations that must be observed.



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