Prestige Capital Inc.

NEMAPrestige Capital Inc. provides hospitality investment opportunities by developing or buying globally recognized internationally branded hotels. We target economically strong and growing major urban centres in North America. Our hotels are professionally managed; resulting in efficient, modern, and profitable operations.

Our goal is to provide investors with quarterly distributions and growth in equity by building a substantial portfolio of hospitality assets throughout North America. Through our drive and commitment to our partners, Prestige Capital is becoming a preeminent source for investors looking to capitalize on long standing industry and world class branding within the hospitality investment industry.

All of our transparent investment opportunities are subjected to thorough research, rigorous analysis, and extensive due diligence. The management team not only invests significant capital up front, but also brings years of proven experience from finance to large scale construction, development, equity syndication, hospitality management and global brand management.

Its time to show your investment portfolio some hospitality.



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