Raintree Financial Solutions

NEMARaintree Financial Solutions is an award winning Canadian Private Capital Markets Dealer. Established in 2010 by a dedicated group professionals experienced in the financial industry, Raintree Financial Solutions currently has a network of Private Wealth Advisors across Canada in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. Raintree Capital Inc. is the parent company of Raintree Financial Solutions, Raintree Wealth Management and Raintree Corporate Finance and was founded in 2017.

Founded on the principal that a Private Capital Market Dealer can provide sound and responsible investment opportunities with which to build a portfolio. It is our mission to educate, enable and empower our clients to make strong financial decisions by arming them with the tools needed to evaluate each investment they make. We have backed some of the best emerging alternative fund managers and investment counsel portfolio managers in Canada, and are growing with them.

Raintree Financial Solutions has a team of dedicated and experienced lawyers, accountants, compliance experts and other professionals to ensure the strength of its product shelf. In addition, Raintree Financial Solutions has made a decision to ensure it is not tied to any of the products it offers and as such provides an unbiased approach in product assessment.



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