Thomas Jones

NEMAThomas Jones is the President of Northern Coast Financial, a firm specializing in the manufacturing of alternative investment products for retail investors, and the manufacturer of Northern Coast Strategic Fund, a fixed income, mortgage-backed issue. An entrepreneur at heart, Tom is unafraid to rethink traditional asset management models to create structures that place the investor first. His strong track record in closing complex transactions and his solid communication skills are the foundation of his “win-win” philosophy, which promotes sustainable profit models for all stakeholders. Before founding Northern Coast in 2012, Tom spent 3 years as an Investor Relations Manager, was a senior manager at a Montreal-based technology company specialized in custom internet applications for the financial sector for nearly 8 years, and founded the predecessor to Northern Coast, a real estate development company specialized in non-subsidized affordable housing in Mexico and Florida (post-financial crisis).

Tom is also CEO of Smartchase Corp., an OTC-listed public company that leverages non-traditional channels to offer unbiased portfolio management to retail investors, and create new opportunities for alternative issuers looking to increase their retail investor base.



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